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​If it were that easy, then everyone would do it. Because it's a highly guarded industry secret that would create scandal if it were ever exposed and, of course, because the very best investigators aren't going to brag and tell you how it was done so that you can go out and so easily do it for yourself.


The Skip Trace Secrets Seminar is a comprehensive one day class that goes beyond the Skip Trace Secrets book. It guides the skip trace process by exposing the really, really secret industry tricks and utilizing these sources to uncover the info you need to be a skip trace rock star.


There’s a lot more to finding someone than simply running a name through a database. If you’re serious about closing cases with positive results, then you need to understand the entire skip trace process and how to deal with the different challenges that present themselves along the way.


Where do you start? What-databases-do-what and what if databases can't find them? This seminar will answer those questions and hundreds more like them. Skip tracing doesn’t fit into any off-the-shelf box and it requires a truly diverse knowledge in order for the methods to be effective.









We’ll analyze scenarios from extremely involved skip trace assignments that’ll provide you with their own unique perspectives and solutions. Learn how I catch up to skips who skip often, or don’t really “live” anywhere. Also you’ll dazzled with mind blowing tricks and hacks that I never had the courage to put in my books or blog and everything new that I've learned and used since the last edition was published.


Truthfully, finding someone online is no big secret. Simple web searches have become the first action of most people who need or want to locate someone and the internet has become the number one competitor of investigators and skip tracers. Thankfully when these public databases fail, your phone will ring with frustrated customers who're ready for you to take control.






Are you an independent skip tracer? I’ll share my marketing and operations giving you specific things you can do to make customers call you again and again. What works and what failed. Where to spend your precious advertising dollars and many other resources that are free on the internet which brought paying clients directly to my phone.


Bring your absolute worst skip to the seminar. We can talk about what you can do to find that skip and maybe I can find it for you! After the session closes I’ll be available to talk and I'll stay until every attendee has had a chance to meet with me.


NEW! Website scripts and briefs on how to set up your own tracking website.


How to do Real Time Cell Pings & Bust Cell Numers


Comprehensive Hand Background Searches


Keep Up with Social Media Tracking


Learn Pretext Practices & the Ethics


Judgement Enforcement


Asset Searches



Accompanied by a workbook & flash drive giving you the
Wordpress and PHP scripts we talk about
and links to every site in the course plus many more.

All forms are provided in Word & PDF.

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